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Solar Water Heater

Stainless Steel Solar Water Heaters

Our Solar Water Heaters are engineered and crafted by professional manufacturers, using high quality standard material for an optimal performance. With over 40 years of experience in the solar industry, we guarantee a product of high standards and will always perform at it's best.

Key Features:

1. Stainless steel inner & outer tank

2. High absorption glass evacuated tubes

3. Aluminium frame with anti-corrosion coating

4. Imported insulation foam from Germany

5. Water temperature can reach up to 95°C

6. 96h heat preservation

7. 7 Years warranty

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First solar water heater in

Solar Power Station


Main Characteristics

Battery Type: LFP (Lithium)
Depth of Discharge: 90%
Battery Rated Voltage: 51.2V
AC Charge Voltage: 88-264VAC
Nominal AC Output: 110/110/120V &220/230/240V
Overload Ability: "120%<LOAD<130% @ min 130%<LOAD<150% @ 10s"
UPS Function: Yes, Switching Time <0.08s
PV Input Voltage Range: DC60V-100Vdc
PV Input Maximum Power: DC145
Inverter Output Waveform: Hybrid Pure Sine Wave
Charging Mode: MPPT
Inverter Output Frequency: 50/60Hz
Energy Efficiency: >87%
Working Temperature: -10℃-55℃
Installation Method: All-In-One Floor Stand Plug&Play
Battery Certificate: UL1642 / IEC 62133 / UL1973 / IEC 62619 / UN 38.3
Safety Certificate: CE / ROHS
Standard Warranty: 3 Years On Whole Unit / 5 Years On Battery / 15 Years On Solar Panel
Additional Energy Expansion: 3 Sets in Parallel | Output x3 times / energy x 3times


Solar or Grid can both work

Smaller size, Lighter Weight, Easier Installation, Free Maintenance

Designed for both Outdoor and Indoor Installation

Embed with battery management system , longer lifetime, extraordinary performance

Seamless switching within 0.08s with stronger back-up output

Double fan design, Much better heat dispassion, and much lower derating

Protected connection area, multiple protection devices

V2.0 ready! We allow the end users monitoring with their smart phone

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Solar Light

Solar Ground Light




Integrated light sensor, it will automatically turn on in darkness or at night, and turn off when in daytime or bright area.



external waterproof switch, instead of pinhole switch, makes operation easily, IP44 waterproofness and stainless steel material make it suitable for outdoor use. It can effectively isolate from water and mist.

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Solar Powerbank


Multifunctional Portable LED Floodlight

Solar Emergency Floodlight and mobile charging capabilites,  using the back panel as the solar panel polysilicon (6V6W) with high photoelectric conversion rate of 18%, taking only 4-6 hours to fully charge the 7,200mAh Lithium battery. 

It consists of 30 LED chips SMD 5730,  with a brightness of 500lm, bright enough to enlighten 8-12mts around.

The Perfect Portable Lighting Solution that you never knew you needed until now.

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Solar Camera


Stand-alone Solar Camera (Wi-Fi & 4G)

Forget about DVR, Cables, Hard Disks, Electricity... We are proud to present our One & Only solar camera system, fully stand-alone cctv camera that uses Monochrystalline solar panels to charge it's own battery storage, with high photoelectric conversion rate of 18%, and has a backup of 2-3 days. It comes also with human motion induction sensor that will automatically notifies you anytime someone is within it's projection range of 10-15mts, right on your mobile phone or tablet.

With it's 2MP camera, capture High Quality videos at 1080P 25fps with Two-Way audio....

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Solar Floodlight


Elegant Solar Floodlight

LYD-8150  is a new model of solar floodlight, with an elegant design, Aluminium body shell for a long lifespan. using High Brightness LED chip and optic lens which improves the overall lighting performance by 20%, charged with 25W Monochrystalline solar panel with high photoelectric conversion rate of 18%, taking only 4-5 hours to fully charge the 70Wh Lithium battery, embed with BMS Technology (Battery Management System) that will efficiently preserve the battery from overcharging and extend the battery life by 60%.

It consists of 96 LED chips SMD 5730,  with a brightness of 1,200lm, bright enough to enlighten 50-70mts around.

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Solar Street Light

All-in-one Solar Street Light

Introducing the new model of solar Street Lights, with a Slim design, ABS body shell with minimum 2-3 years performance making it the most cheapest and brightest street lights, High Brightness LED chip, charged with 8W to 20W Monochrystalline solar panel on the back, with high photoelectric conversion rate of 18%, and only 4-6 hours to fully charge the Lithium battery. It comes also with radar sensor, and dims automatically after sensing motion, turns on automatically at night and shuts off at sun rise.

It consists of LED chips SMD 5730,  with a brightness of 500 to 1,200lm, bright enough to enlighten 20-80mts around.

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