Pure sine wave inverter for low-voltage electrical appliances


Up to 1KW / 3KW AC power output in 230V / 50Hz

Small & Compact modular design

Lower cost Long lifespan: 3000 cycles with 90%DoD

Genuine user friendliness: PLUG & PLAY

All-in-one system quick to install

Low maintenance cost

Flexible control, suitable for household, commercial needs

Perfect for households in areas where electricity is not sufficient or unpredictable

Live mobile monitoring about the whole system status, battery level, energy production etc...

All-In-One Solar Power Station

$3,125.00 Regular Price
$2,425.00Sale Price
  • Model Number NE1025
    Power & Capacity 1KW/2.5KWH
    Battery Type LFP
    Depth of Discharge 90%
    Battery Capacity 2.5KWH
    Battery Rated Voltage 51.2V
    AC Charge Voltage 88-264VAC
    Nominal AC Output 110/110/120V &220/230/240V
    Peak Power 2500W,30s
    Overload Ability 120%<LOAD<130%@min; 130%<LOAD<150%@10s
    UPS Function Yes,Switching Time <0.08s
    PV Input Voltage Range DC60V-100Vdc
    PV Input Maximum Power DC145
    Rated Output Power 1.5kVA
    Inverter Output Waveform Hybrid Pure Sine Wave Inverter
    Charging Mode MPPT
    Inverter Output Frequency 50/60Hz
    Energy Efficiency >87%
    Working Temperature -10℃-55℃
    Dimension 280*580*640mm
    Weight 48KG
    Installation Method All-In-One Floor Stand Plug&Play
    Battery Certificate UL1642 / IEC 62133 / UL1973 / IEC 62619 / UN 38.3
    Safety Certificate CE / ROHS
    Standard Warranty 3 Years On Whole Unit , 5 Year On Battery
    Recommend Solar Module Installation Number Grade A *3PCS/275W  3S1P                        



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