Solar Charger 100-200W


High efficiency Solar Panel , fabric folding

Customisable plug or junction box

Lightweight, portable and outdoor


Foldable Solar Panel 100-200W

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Product specification 
Bag material   600D 
Bag color  Camouflage color or OEM color 
Open size  1480*430mm
Folding size  430*300mm
Folding number  5 PCS 
Net weight  2.35 KGS
Solar panel 
Solar Cell  Sunpower 
Efficiency rate  22.6%
Each Solar panel size  272*429*2.5mm  
Total solar panel qty  5 PCS  
Maximum power(Pm)   100W
Power Tolerance          -5%
Voltage at max power(Vmp)       20V 
Current at max power(Imp)      5A  
Open circuit voltage(Voc)     24V 
Short circuit current(Isc)        5.6A  
Operating Temperature       - 40℃-+85℃
Maximum System Voltage      700V
Maximum Series Fuse Rating         7A  
Standard Test Condtion                                       

Irrandiance 1000W/㎡,

Module temperature 25℃,AM=1.5 

Resistances  227g stell ball fall down from 1m height and 60m/s wind  
Temperature Characteristics 
Noct                          46℃ ± 2℃                   
Current temperature coefficient 0.05%/°C   
Voltage temperature coefficient  - 0.35%/°C
Power temperature coefficient - 0.45%/°C

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