Power Catcher maximum power tracking technology can still track the maximum power point of battery components in complex environment, which has faster response speed and higher tracking efficiency compared with traditional MPPT tracking technology.


Significantly improve the energy utilization efficiency of the PHOTOVOLTAIC system, which is about 15%~20% higher than the traditional PWM charging efficiency.


Active voltage regulation function, when the battery is open or the lithium battery BMS overcharge protection, the battery end of the controller will output the rated charging voltage value.


MPPT tracking efficiency can reach up to 99.9%.


With the advanced digital power supply technology, the circuit energy conversion efficiency is up to 98%.


A variety of battery types to choose, support lithium battery, colloid battery, sealed battery, open battery and other different types of battery charging program.


With current-limiting charging mode, when the panel power is too large and the charging current is greater than the rated current, the controller will automatically reduce the charging power to make it work at the rated charging current. Support lead acid battery voltage automatic identification.


It can be connected with LCD or Bluetooth module to view the running data and state of the device, and support the change of controller parameters.


Support standard MODBUS protocol to meet the communication needs of different occasions.


Built-in overtemperature protection mechanism, when the temperature exceeds too high, the charging power decreases linearly with temperature.


Temperature compensation function, automatic adjustment of charging parameters, improve the service life of the battery.


It has short circuit protection of battery, TVS lightning protection and so on.

MPPT Charge Controller 12/24V 50A

$150.00 Regular Price
$135.00Sale Price
  • Model
    Rated Current
    System Voltage
    Static Power
    Maximum Solar Input Voltage (25 ℃)
    Maximum PV Input Power
    660W/12V - 1320W/24V
    Support Battery Type
    Lead-acid / colloidal / open / Lithium batteries
    Load Loss
    Accumulator Voltage
    Maximum PV open-circuit voltage
    92 v (25 ℃); 100V
    (minimum ambient temperature)
    Maximum Power Point Voltage Range
    Battery voltage +2V ~ 72V
    Charging Conversion Efficiency
    MPPT Tracks Efficiency
    Temperature Compensation
    .-3mv/℃/2V (default value)
    Lithium batteries have no temperature compensation
    Operating Temperature
    -35℃ ~ +45℃
    Protection Level
    Net Weight
    Communication Mode
    TTL serial communication
    ≤ 3000m



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