Stainless Steel Solar Water Heater


Using the latest technology,

Vacuum tubes made of Borosilicate glass

Water temperature can reach up to 95 degrees C during sunny days

Stainless Steel inner tank 316L / outer tank 304 for long life durability

Insulation foam 55mm from Bayer (Made in Germany)

Heat preservation for 96hr

Strong Aluminium frame 2.5mm

Golden coating vaccum tubes for best thermal performance

Long life performance (over 20 years*)

*Maintenance required every 3-4 years


Low Pressure Vs High Pressure


The main difference between the two systems are as follows:


1. The low pressure doesn't require a water pump to function as the big tank stores the water inside, controlled and feeded by the assistant tank on top, and hot water is distributed through gravitational force from the outlet.


2. The high pressure uses the principle of heat exchange, i.e the hot water present in the tank is used to heat the stainless steel coil inside of which cold water flows in, meaning that you will never use the water hot water in the big tank. But if there's no water coming in the stainless steel coil, no hot water will come out. The high pressure system requires constant rate and pressure of water to work properly, if no water comes in, no water comes out. It's mostly recommended if you use a water pump daily.


Feel free to contact us if you need more information.

Solar Water Heater

$375.00 Regular Price
$338.50Sale Price
Model Low Pressure
Inner tank SUS316L Stainless Steel 0.5mm
Diameter 360mm
Outer tank SU304L Stainless Steel 0.4mm
Diameter 470mm
Support frame Aluminium frame with Oxidation Coating-2.3mm
Insulation 55m imported polyurethane from Germany (BAYER)
Tube Golden coated borosilicate glass 1.6mm thick
Diameter 58mm
Length 1800mm
Slope angle 38 Degree
Warranty 7 Years on tank, frame,
1 Year on ballcock

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